New Horizons for World Stories

Exciting new adventures have been taking place for our World Stories staff and volunteers 21035275_1523044644406000_429290836_othis week.  While some of the volunteers were busy translating and writing stories in order to grow the collection, on Tuesday the 23rd of August, some of the project volunteers had a busy recording day at De Montford University in Leicester.  We are delighted to introduce Nikita, who has been recording Hindi stories and Jay, who recorded  English stories and also video recorded the experience. Special thanks also go to Tim Hall, the Technical Instructor for Media and Audio who kindly agreed to help us in order to record, and lastly, Sioned, KidsOut Project Co-Ordinator who also recorded stories in English. KidsOut would like to thank you all for your time, we really appreciate your help. If you would like to get involved, just let us know by getting in contact with us at the email address :, and if  you would like to see our collection you can visit our brand new website at by going to